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Who Is That? lyrics - Da' T.R.U.T.H. (feat. Flame)

Who is that making that noise? YEAH, it's us again
Who? The ones who share in his reign and suffering
How? Since he died we died he rose we rose with him
Oh, like them first century Christians who stand with him.

We're following Martin Luther-Models imparting truth to
Our generation and yes we're using the arts to do it
People are marching to the beat of the drum
The evil in some gave Jesus' people a reason to run
Charged of treasons by some by they ain't cower out like Nicodemus had done
Please believe that their reasoning was pleasing the Son
The squeeze in persecution gave the heathens a reason to come
(Who is that making that noise?)
We ain't quiet about 'em, we preach Christ until they inquire about 'em watch
We got our eyes on the outcome
Both genders boldly declaring He is the I AM, I'll come
Therefore we bear our cross if we suffer we reign
Suffering is momentary like getting stuck on the train
Just preach it you ain't got to be up on the slang
Present the truth of Jesus Christ until it's stuck in their brain.


Listen if we Christians considered the price that Jesus paid
And the resistance them early saints faced in Jesus days
And say for instance he let us live past Jesus' age
Then we should be screaming allegiance the fact that Jesus saves
We told 'em we Christians-Let's show 'em we Christians
We should still be carrying our crosses even if our arms were missing
Search them scriptures and see how some of them cats were killed
But when Kobe Bryant is down, still got Shaquille O'neal
If Flame was down and Truth was up it would still be dynamic
But image the damage planted if both were standing
Imagine the planet if believers all over the globe
Followed the authorities scriptures after closing the canon
Imagine the earth goes famine while Jehovah stands with the Holy Ghost in his fam
Imagine what would happen if were filled with compassion
And passion and every time we passed we kept them asking.


Heathens were glad to hate us, heated like radiators
They stripped us naked, enslaved us, and made us gladiators
Branded with nasty labels, Christians were bad for business
Thrown in the prison of Roman officials gladly made us
Public spectacles tied us to chariots
Burned up our flesh the Romans thought that was hilarious
Times were perilous they scattered us into various areas
Embarrassed us in the Catacombs is where they buried us
But now the heathens love us, you know that got me thinking
Could it be that we lost every ounce our distinction
If we have Father I pray you bring you bring us back
To the place where we fix the eyes of our souls on Jesus.


Roll Now lyrics - Da' T.R.U.T.H.

This is just another vertical jam
You know we fight for the faith like Roberto Duran
And catch us moving around as we further advance
The Kingdom of God hope your heart is fertile to plant
We pray the Lord of the harvest keep sending us out
Because we can not afford to just sit in the house
And sit on the couch playing video games in our rooms
We follow hard after God until we lay in our tombs
You know we're alienated like first century saints
As soon as they would enter the gates of a new city
The news would be in the ear gates of many
Who hated Christians who were committed to defending the faith
Just look at Pliny the Great
Plenty of great Christian men and women contending were signed at the stake
So now we go from city to stand
Forwarding truth that counters the videos that MTV plays.

We on a roll now baby
Throwing them bows who's in control now
Jesus He came down, baby things ain't the same now
Since we've been changed blood did it now I'm in it to stay now.

I know this is odd but I know this is God
Using Christian Hip-hop and R and B like Moses' rod
To deliver a people from evil, exposing the lies
That millions of rappers tell when they flow in their rhymes
Envy, hate, murder, lust and pride is what they sow in the lives
Of millions of listeners listening, hoping that I
Would paint a prettier picture, blowing smoke in their eyes
But nah God's got emotions, can't hold them inside
He's using His people to speak the truth in the midst of a people who
Are Godless and just barely religious not at all Godly or Christ like
Lord Jesus just keep shining your bright light
In and through us you're the head and we're your beautiful feet
There's a mutual beef between you and seed of Satan himself
Wicked men they do replace you with wealth
Wish you would just stay to yourself
But you're using us to build a case for yourself.

We on a roll now baby
Throwing them bows who's in control now
Jesus He came down, baby things ain't the same now
Since we've been changed blood did it now I'm in it to stay now.

How many people have ever seen American Idol
Of course money, power and sex are America's idols
Yo! You can find this in America's bible
Yo! America's dying, America's idle
America's rivals are not merely Osama or other terrorist either
America's rival is in the mirror that's right in front of our hearts
Front if you want but some of our hearts are dark y'all
Just as black as the night
You can tell because we happen to like the stuff that happens at night
Preferring wrong rather than practicing what's right
We don't want to see videos unless some booty is in it
And don't want to see movies unless we know nudity's in it
Yo! That's evidence and proof that we're sinners
And need s Savior as sure as a bad tooth needs a dentist
Yo! Praise God that the booth was invented
So now globally people can hear when God's truth is presented
Yo! Through this medium of music we're Christians
Who refused to be whimpish when persecution is mentioned
Yo! 'Cause we live if we die for the king
Hip-hop and the gospel baby that's a dynamic team.

We on a roll now baby
Throwing them bows who's in control now
Jesus He came down, baby things ain't the same now
Since we've been changed blood did it now I'm in it to stay now

Fourplay lyrics - Da' T.R.U.T.H.

I know this may be sticky topic for some people, but
This has been something that's been plaguing the body of christ for years
And I just think it really needs to be addressed
You know, I just like to talk about it, and I just wanna
I wanna talk about it, all I'm a say is

Stay away from them fly girls
Shorts up to their girls
Lookin like cowgirls
Makin your eyes twirl
I know their lips drip like honey, but they're promiscuous
I recommend you keep you ears from their vicious lips
To my sisters stay away from them fly misters
Don't be deceived by the way they got riches
God's richer, god's richer
I know sex seems like a big deal, but god's bigger god's bigger

[Verse 1:]
Sex is alright in god's sight
As long as the two are married not prom night
See the world got sex up in a limelight
Claiming that you can't survive without
But that's a lie right
Well of course it is
Sex will put you in a spiritual orphanage
That's unfortunate changing in your life like a metamorphosis
Deeper than explorers get, but the deeper you get the more you slip
Come on you can be honest
Sex is addictive like narcotics
But it leaves you broke like ebonics, read phonics
It's demonic relative to the exotic
Relentless flesh that won't rest till erotic
Faults are established, sex before marriage causes emotional damage
You better believe it duke
Cause sex is lust of the flesh and lust of the eyes
"You don't understand, man I love this girl," you can't justify
Try to justify lust with love is just a lie
You better trust the word of god, it's either trust or die
The bible informs the nation to flee from fornication
Plus to abstain from them sexual conversations, masturbation, pornographic stations
Stop shopping in condom nation
But rather bless who conquers nations
Despite the fact that sex is popular throughout your population
I recommend, get a lock for your chastity belt
And tell no one the combination, until marriage takes place
"That's weak why not?"
You know that haste makes waste to sex before marriage
Makes the body impure
With kissing and grinding you neva know what you're in for
Or what's in store
I implore you brothers to endure the temptation of sexual sin
Whether it be hetero or homosexual sin
"That's real"
The flesh battles against the spirit, we're in war zone
The question is who wins the spirit or our hormones
More prone to follow the flesh, cause it's convenient
Streaming throughout the pours of the body steaming
Son listen up, listen up for lust to be risen up
Put on your whole armor just to guard you mind up
Whole every thought captive to christ
Lest you wind up with an unnecessary pain plus drama
But if you stand firm and exercise your faith doing what he's fond of
God's prima, sister you can't be broke up
I recommend you flee from lust
But son don't choke up


[Verse 2:]
(Step 1) when you see a shorty don't try to act fly
Turn on your cat eyes and stare hard at her backside
"That's weak all men look, so why can't I?"
Cause it stirs lust in your heart dude that's why
Besides are you just a man of a man that god's analyze
Control them eyes when she's passing by
(Step 2) avoid late late rendezvous
You know when you're watching a movie
But then the movie is watching you
"But what else do we got to do?"
Anything other than cuddling on mom's do's couch for 2
(Step 3) watch how you display affection
Hands moving up her thigh to her mid section
Next you're giving each other body inspection
Till you're digging in your pocket looking for protection
(Step 4) avoid watching movies full of nudity
Cause the more you see the more it tears down your spiritual immunity
The same goes for rap and r&b
I know it's hard to see
But their lyrics are not in harmony with god's views
Take heed to this god's news
You've got everything to gain and nothing to lose
You've got everything to gain and nothing to lose
Take heed to god's news

[Hook x2]

Stay pure before the lord [x4]

Here And Noun lyrics - Da' T.R.U.T.H.

I want money, I want chicks
I want them shoes girl, I want kicks
We live in a world where evil's reigning supreme
People are living for people places and things

There's the alarm, wake up and yawn
Go to the bathroom, wash under your arms
Grab your coat and say goodbye to your mom's
Your going to school or on your way to the job
16 just a tat on your arm you smoke weed it's like you back at the farm
Just got your license your saving up for a car
16's cool can't wait 'til your 21
You and your dogs are constantly at the mall
Looking at the girls that got you dropping you're jaw
Having conversations bout' how to get them to fall
Plus you like sports so you're running up in them stores
You got your eyes on a jersey you can't afford
So you start to sell to get your paper long
While at the same time you're watching out for the law
Wait a minute is this life na man it's got to be more.

I want money, I want chicks
I want them shoes girl, I want kicks
We live in a world where evil's reigning supreme
People are living for people places and things

Girls going wild selling their souls
With a passion for power lust for control
Controlling men with the body parts that they show
Using what the got to get what they want is the goal
The model themselves after girls in videos
Their hungry for money and so their digging for gold
They look for the dude with the hottest car on the road
15 man and already acting so grown
Their main concern is who's painting their toes
And who's name on their clothes and who's dating who knows who
And so their constantly gossiping on the phone
And shopping until they fold their rottenness to the bone
They really don't like the idea of being alone
They want a man that will love them and take them around the globe
And pamper their soul but if you ask them if their fully satisfied
Then the answer is no.

I want money, I want chicks
I want them shoes girl, I want kicks
We live in a world where evil's reigning supreme
People are living for people places and things

This ain't strange Solomon did the same
Money, power and sex were involved with his name
The richest man to ever live his fame
If he were living today we'd have pictures up in a frame
He was a king a celebrity with a train
At the snap of his fingers bring in a jester to entertain him
A rolling stone different women up in his chamber
He had game pimp blood in his veins
An icon the python of his reign
Anything that he wanted he got it without strain
A thousand wives a lot of guys would have gave
Their right arm to behave like Solomon for a day
Ahhh! But his glory turned into shame
He gave up his soul in exchange for everything that he gained
To satisfy his soul with the stuff he attained
Break the bonds of boredom and rise above the routine
Then he discovered that all that he did was vain
The chasing after the wind and that none of it could sustain him
He recognized that everything he obtained
Was futile the dude tried everything you could name
We ain't no different, matter of fact, we the same
We got an eternal itch we try to scratch it with things
But that don't work 'cause God made human beings
To be dependent on Him, yo, even when in our teens.

I want money, I want chicks
I want them shoes girl, I want kicks
We live in a world where evil's reigning supreme
People are living for people places and things

Resurrection lyrics - Da' T.R.U.T.H.

I'm homesick
This body's a tent,
Heavens where home is
I guess it's safe to say that God's people
Are homeless

And just as sure as a fugitive runs our moneys are tied up in mutual funds
Cats be like u got unusal ones
That's because the riches we got are stored up for after the funeral son
Numero one Christ had to rip the veil
Cause there was bad blood between us like sickle cell aneamia
The media that keep feedin us lies and immediat-elty we eat it up like medium fries whoa
The heartbeat in the side longs for the day
When Christ will come plus bring me to his side and clothe me in white
We'll be jus like him like Kobe & Mike
Me and my homies, my wife
Me and my homies like R-swift J-silas c em
Corey Precise
We goin to glory right!
We headed to the new heaven the new earth
Baby I got proof
It's Jesus Christ Resurection and I'm not duped
This is objectivity it's not my truth
We goin to glory y'all how bout you?
New Heaven New Earth
Baby I got proof
It's Jesus Christ Resurection and I'm not duped
This is objectivity it's not my truth
We goin to glory y'all how bout you?


My poppa ain't a rollin stone
And when the angels rolled the stone away you better know the roman soldiers were blown away
We got a stoaway
Nah Jesus Christ, died, resurrected folded his clothes then stole away
Now that's incredible
He showed himself da credible witnesses that witnessed his death but
Didn't expect Him to come out of the grave
Just as the scriptures had said
And he thought the ladies were sick in the head
And when they came back reporting what they had seen with their eyes the disciples were sceptical so they sent Peter & John... Yo
To verify what they told 'em
Jesus is risen
Meanwhile the chief priests were bribin the soldiers
Obviously with a valuable token they told em to keep quiet and just to say his body was stolen yo
By the disciples at night while the soldiers were sleepin but the story was weak and He showed himself breathin livin and movin made appearances showed em his feet and his nail scarred hands
Reiterated and told em his secret
He said I am the fulfillment of Moses's teachings cleoprathes grievings turn into joy cause he was hopin to see his redeemer even josephius wrote of this Jesus the historical Christ
Even explorers are like there's irrefutable evidence in support of His life
Plus his dying and I am not lying
Tell a friend that's agnostic God has got no skeletons in his closet NOPe
They can't find his bones
Nowhere to be found not even his teeth
Nowhere in the ground

He's home wearing a crown
The disciples washed em a sin
Therefore we Holy Spirit endowed
With the power to be witnesses how many listeners know that when you die you'll rise and be with rest of us
We not cocky, we confident in the God who rescued us plus
Resurrected his son from out of the seplica have you accepted these facts
And if u haven't let's chat
After the show or email me and I'll be happy to rap
About these matters concerning our faith
Jesus Christ Resurection has determined our fate!